What is your Interior Design practice worth to you?

 Florida Registered Interior Designers

 As we enter into the fall of 2017, it is vital that we do not become complacent.  We were successful in the spring of 2017 and greatly appreciate all of the support we received from IIDA and ASID national, along with our lobbyist of 30 years, Ron Book and of course all of you who lent your time, talents and financial support to insure Florida Interior Designers do not lose the extensive right to practice we currently have.

The Florida 2018 legislative session will begin on January 9, 2018 and as Registered Interior Designers we must be ready for any opposition that may arise. IDAF is a coalition of registered interior designers in the state of Florida.  Some may be members of ASID or IIDA, but most choose no affiliation.  IDAF represents all Florida registered interior designers in the effort to  PROMOTE  the profession of interior design, PERSERVE the standards that registered interior designers adhere to and PROTECT all Florida registered interior designers right to perform their profession.

This fall many representatives are hosting legislative events around the state.  This is a great opportunity for you to speak one on one with your local representatives and explain how deregulating Interior Design would affect you in your profession.  They need that connection with their own constituents in order to become personally involved.  IDAF urges you to check with your representative to find out when those local events are planned. To find your representative go to   www.myfloridahouse.gov  Click on the heading representatives and scroll down.  You can email your representative directly to find local events and/or let them know your story.  Most representatives still do not fully understand the need for interior design licensing and until they do, this fight will continue.


I would also ask at this time if you are not already involved, please become a member of IDAF by sending a minimum payment of $75.00.  We are a not for profit organization and other than our lobbyist, all involved are volunteers, receiving no compensation.  Every dollar works for you!

Go to the IDAF website    www.idaf-fl.org.

Learn how you can support a coalition that supports you.  Add your company’s name and/or a professional organization to the list of those who support our effort to remain regulated.  January our fight will begin again.  Don’t delay.


Thank you for your support.